• Cristina Lutcan

Summer challenge: Learn to recycle your AC water like a PRO!

Updated: May 27

The hot season is here, which means the Air Conditioner has become your new best friend and used frequently at its full potential. As warm air is getting cooled giving you all the reasons to feel invigorated, the humidity in the air is busy creating condensation. In fact, it's the high humidity in the air that heats up your body and drives you to desperately find a place where you can cool off.

Condensation leads to the accumulation of five to twenty gallons of water daily from the AC, that are subsequently drained into the floor drain system or pumps. That's a LOT of water! Don't be the person who wastes precious liquid in this way. Here are some few practical tips on how to reuse the AC water and practice environmentally - friendly techniques this summer season.

1. Garden Irrigation

Are you a garden lover and have high appreciation for plants? Simply redirect the water into your garden and let it take care of the rest. The condensate is created from thin air and it doesn't contain any harmful elements. It's the perfect solution for regions battling with drought and if you want to stay environmentally conscious and save water (and the water bill).

If you decide to go the extra length then use distilled water for your indoor plants. Studies have shown that tap water contain chemicals such as chlorine that can be damaging for your plants. Distillation is the process of removing chemicals and minerals from the water and it's so simple that you can recreate it from the comfort of your own home. Just collect the water from the AC and leave it outside for 2 days for the chemicals to dissipate. After that, it's a green light for watering your indoor plants!

2. Home Cleaning

Think of how much potable water you use while cleaning. Instead of using drinkable water, you can choose the water created by the AC system to clean the entire home from indoor tables to outdoor patios. As mentioned, the created water doesn’t contain any chemicals or harmful elements, all you have to do is add cleaning solution and make your home look squeaky clean.

3. Collection Container

Redirect the water produced from condensate into a rainwater container. Remember, the AC can produce up to twenty gallons of water/day. Make sure the drain line is monitored to avoid flooding. Save the water and re-use it whenever you are faced with water restrictions or when there is a shortage of water for your garden and plants.

4. Decoration

If you are amongst the lucky ones to have a personal water fountain or small pond to decorate your home and garden, learn that this will be another smart way to redirect the AC water. Use it as a part of the irrigation system for these projects. Either way, it will look good, and it will make you feel good that no water is going to waste.

While the AC water can safely be recycled for all your household needs, it is not safe to drink due to the PH balance. Additional filtering and water treatment is necessary to make it safe to be consumed. Recycling the water is not only the responsible thing to do but also an efficient wait to save money as your water bills fees will see a considerable drop. Enjoy the summer time by staying environmentally friendly!