What inspired me to create Urbie?

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Hi! This is Bassel, the founder of Urbie.

As a product designer and engineer living in Paris, it's become harder to escape the city pollution and simply enjoy a glass of wine in my home without sneezing a gazillion times. Well... that's an exaggeration but you get my point!

I created Urbie Air simply because I am tired of allergies, pollution, high humidity and my plants dying all the time.

So I thought why not combine the natural powers of plants with technology to create a smart self-watering dehumidifier and air purifier that can tackle pollution from many different angles!

This is when I went to the drawing board and created my first prototype as shown below.

My brother Bill who was once working in capital markets believed in my product so much that he gave up his fancy suits to join Urbie full-time.

Now we're two brothers with a big vision: to fight pollution both indoors and outdoors, especially since governments are sleeping on it. Urbie Air is just the beginning of many eco-friendly products that will help us fund our bigger philanthropy goals with our NGO RootsUpSolutions.

I initially started on this path by building a dew collector in Ethiopia to help farming communities with water shortages in arid areas, and that's how I learned a lot about utilizing humidity water and making good use of it.

While the dew collector gained a lot of media attention from Inhabitat, techexplore, treehugger and many more, it wasn't enough to get funding to continue. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create Social Urban useful products that could solve a problem and will help me partially fund my NGO projects.

For every Urbie unit sold we will be planting a tree in your name. So this way we're both contributing towards fighting pollution.

So Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for passionate early tech adopters who want something cool that solves their problem. Something that doesn't exist in the market yet.

"Tech geeks" like myself come up with a solution to that problem in the form of a product offered at a ridiculously discounted price to encourage people to pre-order.

Here's a video demonstrating how Urbie exactly works.

Usually, products get delivered within 8-12 months from the date the Kickstarter campaign gets funded.

On one end you benefit by saving tons of money, and on the other end, you're taking part in shaping a revolutionary product and helping us make cool products like Urbie Air a reality!

We will be acception pre-orders on Kickstarter July 16, save the date or subscribe if you'd like a reminder a day or two before.