The Ultimate Indoor Micro-Climate


Air purification at its finest


Recent studies have shown that air pollution in many homes and offices are 5x higher than outdoor air pollution. The World Health Organization has listed indoor pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health!

While several types of houseplants filter out common volatile organic compounds from the air, with the help of Urbie, indoor air pollution levels can be reduced even further.


Urbie is equipped with discreet fans that pull in polluted air and filter it through the plant's soil, a very natural mechanism which wouldn't require any filter replacements. And thanks to the microorganisms living in the plant's soil which feed on volatile organic compounds, your indoor air will remain clean and free from musty odors!




Fixed carbon is transferred from the atmosphere to soil via ‘carbon-fixing’. Heterotrophic microorganisms then utilise the carbon as a substrate for metabolism.

Symbiosis takes place


Self-regulates Humidity


Three conditions need to be met to make indoor air healthy and breathable. It needs to be Fresh, Clean, and have the proper humidity (less than 50% relative humidity). Too much humidity can create the ideal environment for microbes and mold to thrive. 


Air purifiers work best when humidity levels are lowered since moist particles carries microbes that can only be purified when condensed back into liquid form; i.e. water. 



As it rains, water droplets attach to tiny aerosol particles lurking in the air before hitting the ground.  This natural phenomenon washes away the air from many pollutants like sulfates, soot and organic particles. Urbie was inspired by this natural cycle, and since moist particles hold pollutants, by pulling in humidity we are able to eliminate most indoor air pollutants that the conventional air purifier can't eliminate thus delivering a cleaner air.

Urbie uses high-performance Peltier modules that offers superior cooling performance and a heat pump to condense water vapor from the air. 

It is energy efficient and can pull humidity in either a warm or cold environment. 


use a Peltier heat pump to cool a surface and condense water vapor from the air. The design is simpler and has the benefit of being quieter compared to a dehumidifier with a mechanical compressor.


LED Color Relaxation & Healing


Equipped with 7 mood adjusting LED Colors that create the perfect color therapy to relax, heal, and meditate.

With the help of our user friendly app, you can connect and adjust the lights to your liking. You can even set a timer for the light to turn on at a specific time and preset colors. 




Removable water tank 1.5 Liter.

Water level detector.  

Removable drainage.